Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Getting ready for Prototypye Playtesting!

Two blog assignments will help you prepare for next week's playtesting of your prototypes.

1. Based on the brief descriptions presented in class, please choose another class member's game project to comment on. Find and visit that game designer's blog (see the links in the sidebar!), and give the designer feeedback, support, or suggestions in a comment to any recent post. If you missed class on Monday, choose a game designer's blog, review their most recent project post, and use that as the basis for your comment.

2. RULES, RULES, RULES! We analyzed rule books for a variety of console and PC games. Now it's your turn to decide the format, style and concept of your rules presentation. If you are going to explore something more high concept or stylistically innovative, please describe your ideas and plan in a Rules blog post. If you are going with a traditional rules presentation, please post a draft of your rules for comments and feedback. Remember, every single prototype must come with a rules set!

Prototype Playtesting begins Monday November 8!


Blogger lauren said...

jane i just wanted to pat you on the back one more time for the "i love bees" halo 2 field testing event. that was done first class. i hope though that you can tell me more so that i can understand the whole thing better. anywho it was a very good reason for me to get out of my enclosures for a breath. im sure you know how busy things can get :)

2:37 AM  

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