Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Week 5: Core Mechanic

Today's topic: core mechanic, the thing players do over and over again during a game.

Emphasizing the core mechanic at the start of a game design project is "designing by verb"-- thinking first and foremost about what you want players to DO, rather than the story you want to tell, the site you want to play in, the characters you want to create, the puzzles you want to make, or the scale you want to achieve, for example.

To help you with your next project post, here is a web site with 3100 Enlish language verbs.

By Monday, pick out some verbs that you think might make interesting core mechanics or supporting mechanics for your individual game project. What about these verbs would make for interesting play? What kind of gaming experience would they help you create? What kinds of interaction, narrative, or decision making might they lead to or support?


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