Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Week 3: The Magic Circle and Lusory Attitude

Great discussion yesterday on Suit's lusory attitude and Huizinga's magic circle (as explored by Salen & Zimmerman... who will guide us through many interesting topics this semester!)

For your game critique this week, please be sure to:
1) pick a different genre/platform than last week's critiqued games
2) include in your critique some analysis of the game's magic circle, and/or its "pleasurable inefficiency" (a la the lusory attitude)
As always, feel free to refer back to earlier concepts (Costikyan's meaningful decisions or Avedon's elements, e.g.)

Meanwhile... work on an Assassins-inspired original SFAI game design continues. It looks like we will have a final "collaborative" project this semester as well as your individual final projects. Based on the very exciting design ideas that bubbled up just in the final moments of class, our re-design of Assassins seems like an excellent prospect for an ongoing group project. Looking forward to continue discussion on blogs and in class!


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