Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Week 2: Surrealist Art Games

A big shout-out to the Coolest Team Ever and the Coolest Team Ever +1 for your creative, clever, absurd solutions to the Zen Scavenger Hunt. The surrealists would be proud. Also, many thanks for your great suggestions for future re-designs of the game.

Speaking of the surrealists: for your first blog post this week, write a brief critique of your experience playing one of the four surrealist art games decribed in this week's reading: the Exquisite Corpse (words) for 3 or more players; the Exquisite Corpse (images) for 3 or more players; Question and Answer for 2 players; or The Irrational Nature of Objects for 1 player. You can mod these games any way you want-- if you change the design in some way, tell us about it and how it worked out!
Here are some "quickfire" (60 seconds for each segment) exquisite corpses collected from students last spring. I'd love to see (and photograph) your surrealist play, so bring in any remnants of, or artifacts from, your surrealist art gaming this week. Thanks!


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