Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Week 2: Structural Elements of Games

Thanks to Avedon and Costikyan, we have two sets of really specific tools for analyzing and critiquing games. When you write up your second game critique this week, pick some of the structural elements from either article to help you explain your game play experience.

Next up: The Magic Circle! A perfect game theory to go with an SFAI mod of Assassins. You can read about one campus banning Assassins after extreme play here. A very clear set of one school's particular rules is here, including the following details, which answer some of the questions raised in class: If you are sure someone is your assassin, you may risk killing them. Killing a player who is not your target or your assassin will result in your own death and the usual 24 hour waiting period. Attempting to kill someone who is not playing Assassin will likely result in a very confused person. Totally magic circle design issues! (Read up for Monday, everyone.)


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