Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Week 5: Narrative

Can I interest anyone in a quick game of Mrs. Magruder's? Nuns Gone Wild? or the defacing gods game whose name escapes me? Space Cat, of course, is on its way...

Well. Your re-designs of the plain ol' dice game on Monday were impressive, outrageous and incredibly instructive. You took a supremely boring, repetitive de-contextualized game and gave it a backstory and a new, story-driven tracking mechanism that created all kinds of emergent performed story and, yes, I think many stories of play. (I for one have since related some of the game highlights to a few folks...) Also, cheers to all for being extremely daring playtesters this week.

For your game critique this week, please analyze a game for its:
Presented Narratives:
1) Backstory
2) Revealed story, and
Emergent Narratives:
3) Peformed story
4) Story of play
Which elements are most important to this particular game? How specifically are they presented, or how do they emerge? What are the game elements that re-inforce, develop or allow the narrative to be presented or emerge?

(*Jane now resumes her Dunkino worship.)


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