Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Week 4: Interactivity

Amazing mystery machines today.

I loved the inpenetrable absurdity of the first group's (as-yet-unsolved) mystery machine. You kept us in such a highly entertaining loop between stage 2 (exploration) and stage 4 (reciprocal change)... and your performances were so funny in how deadpan you were able to stay. I hope we can get to stage 3 (modification) so we can play more strategically with you!

The second group was wicked fun to interact with, no? Its function was such a surprising reveal, and that moment of realization ("It's a massage machine! Yay!" --> "Oh no! It's also a tickle machine!" --> "ACK! It's a punching machine!") resulted in such a frenzy of spontaneous and motivated interaction. This one is an instant classic, I think.

The third group had such terrifically clear and clever affordances! The prize candy was a great clue that there was an absolute goal and that a win-condition was possible. The rocks-paper-scissors interface was also extremely legible to us newbie users. I also really enjoyed the site-specific use of the fountain as a level indicator. Nice work.

Good stuff, all around.

Now: for your game critique this week, please use Chris Crawford's definition of interactivity and/or Mark Stephen Meadow's four steps of interaction to analyze the interactivity in a game.


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