Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Week 4: Scale and Duration

For your next project post, I'd like you to think about the 3 measures of scale and duration we discussed this week: the number of players, the spatial-geographic scale, and the temporal duration.

In other words:
-Do you want your game to be solo-player, massively multiplayer or somewhere in between?
-How big, literally, will the game's literal "magic circle" be-- a table, a field, a city block, a city, a single computer, 20 networked computers, 100 cellphones?...
-And, how long will a game take? Will it be persisent (you never turn it off) or periodic (you can put it on pause)?

Of course, you can change your mind about any of these decision decisions as you develop the project. For now, however, it's important to start laying a foundation for your game by making some "big-picture" decisions. Good luck!


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