Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Most controversial games of all time

As promised, here is that killer article on the history of computer game controversies:

Also, a very cool article on the 20 worst (digital) games of all-time.

Notice in both of these articles the huge role backstory plays in generating controversy about a game... it's at least as controversy-inspiring as the other major "bad guy", graphical realism (e.g., realistic violence).

Also, some new "games we're studying" links in the sidebar ---> Including that classic backstory-driven adult Atari game, some snippets from the manual I present to you here (I swear this is verbatim, this is from the actua game manual! good heavens...) :

The object of the game is to use your paddle control to line up the Spanish Fly with the flying bachelor, giving him a shot of energy and causing him to rebound, and "scoring" with one of the lovely young ladies attending his party. When the game starts, the bachelor has four lives. Every time he misses the Spanish Fly he loses one life and a musical theme is played. After each life is lost, you must depress the button again. When all the lives are lost the game is over. Small squares on the stripe at the bottom of the screen show how many lives are remaining in addition to the one then in play. Note that when the bachelor flies toward the women, his private part (P.P.) is in an erect state. As he returns toward the Spanish Fly, it is in a limp condition. Also note that as the bachelor travels around,The Flight of the Bumble Bee is played. Scoring
When the bachelor successfully "scores" with a woman you score 5 points and the woman disappears. As the bachelor "scores", a fanfare of Charge is played.

You can visit the sidebar link for more from the manual, the pong-like screenshots, and more...


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